Chief Business Builder

Taisha, Principal Chief Biz Builder, consults with corporations and small businesses who are seeking to streamline processes and implement new efficient systems that will reduce operational costs, increase net worth and/or increase productivity.    Diverse small businesses also take advantage of Taisha's government and corporate contracting coaching programs that help them get in position to win corporate and government contracts.   

If you're ready to work with a real expert with 20 years of experience leading the operations on both ends of the transaction then, contact Taisha today to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. 


Global Speaker

Taisha is a global speaker who identifies with the struggles and challenges of women and/or minority business owners.  From her own experience of building a multi-million dollar company from scratch with just $21 is a testament to her tenacity and  persistence.  She travels the world inspiring and teachings others how they too can demolish barriers that have them stuck and discover their power that will give them a direct path to success.   


Success Coach

Success Coach is essential to your overall growth as a person, a business owner, executive, and leader.  That’s why Taisha's selection process is built on strategic alliance.  She believes that in order for her to help someone get the Greatest results from with her coaching program is one that is committed and in agreement with the plan of action.   

Those who are tired of living life in debt, feeling stuck in a 9 to 5 dead-end job and living paycheck to paycheck.  The person who has had life whip them out of shape and now ready for a comeback.  Clients that are ready to say "Yes!" to living their best life yet to never look back on the burden of the past.   Only those who say "Yes!" should take this next step to Build their own way and contact Taisha for a free 30 minute consultation Today.  

Is that you?  Are you ready?  Did you say 'Yes!" to a better you and a brighter future?  Contact Taisha Today

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